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23 February 2018

I’m ready to come home

I’m sitting in the crystal clear, white sand at Koh Rong in Cambodia. Listening to the waves crashing in. To the leaves rustling in the wind. People are laughing and having fun in the background. I was feeling numb. Out of touch with myself. I just wasn’t happy anymore.

Kampot AsiaCambodia
18 February 2018

Scootering up the hill and waterpark fun

After just a few nights in Phnom Penh, Matt and I took the bus to Kampot. Sitting in the back of a small mini-bus, cramped for a few hours, isn’t the best so I was happy the moment we arrived at the hostel. There was that much to do in Kampot but we managed to have a fun time anyway.

Phnom Penh AsiaCambodia
17 February 2018

Horrific history left me speechless

From Ho Chi Minh we took the bus to Phnom Penh. It was a really nice bus which made the trip way more convenient. Once we arrived at the border we had to get a visa and the guy from the touring company collected all our passports. It didn’t feel right, giving our passports to a complete stranger..


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