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Slow boat and amazing waterfalls AsiaLaos
10 December 2017

Slow boat and amazing waterfalls

My time in Thailand has been absolutely amazing. I could not have asked for more! Chiang Rai was my last stop in Thailand for now, but I might come back later on my trip. The next destination is Laos! For me it’s a pretty unknown country and I’m not really sure what to expect, but I guess that’s the whole thing about traveling. To go out and explore! In the morning the reception told me that the bus wouldn’t go that day. Damn! The only option for me was to take a local bus. Little did I know this wasn’t so bad at all! The trip was only for a few hours and it was a nice experience to sit together with the locals and see how they go about traveling themselves.

Chiang Rai AsiaThailand
8 December 2017

Temple tour on a scooter

Before going to Laos I had a 2-night stopover in Chiang Rai, a town close to the border. I wanted to take my time, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last weeks it’s that there’s no need to rush. Chiang Rai is famous for its colored temples. I’ve seen loads of temples but these were definitely something special! The cheapest and easiest way to explore was to just rent a scooter and go about driving myself. But since my small little scooter accident in Pai I wasn’t so sure if this was a good idea. In many cases, travel as thought me to overcome my fears and after paying a deposit and checking the scooter I was on my way.

Chiang Mai Night Market AsiaThailand
4 December 2017

The famous Chiang Mai night market

After spending an amazing week in Pai it was time to move on. I decided to take the bus back to Chiang Mai and see from there. Again the 762 curves but again no motion sickness, luckily. Just for the sake of comfort, I went back to the same amazing hostel I stayed at before: Haus Hostel.


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