Travel stories

Beauty of Tam Coc

Since a storm was expected in southern Vietnam, Matt and I decided to go to Ninh Binh for a couple of days in the hope everything would settle down. In the past weeks there was a lot of flooding and we didn’t want to miss out on the southern part of Vietnam so it was time to be patient. It brought us to Ninh Binh, a city famous for the nearby Karst scenery around the village of Tam Coc.

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Limestones in the Bay

Halong Bay

Still thrilled about Sa Pa I stepped into the Friends Travel Vietnam office, a travel agency that helps people with all sorts of transport and tours. Since I wanted to spend a few days at Halong Bay I thought I came to the right place. And I wasn’t wrong. Within minutes I had a few options that I could consider. With the knowledge that a few guys that I met back in Vang Vieng, I decided to contact them first before making a decision.

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My second favorite place on earth

Sa Pa

While traveling you visit places that leave you speechless. I feel lucky to travel the world and come across places that I’ve never even imagined to experience. Sa Pa is one of those. Up north in Vietnam, about 6 hours away from Hanoi, there is this beautiful area that you can’t even believe is real. The mountain scenery is incredible and it feels like you’re dreaming.

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