Beauty of Tam Coc

Since a storm was expected in southern Vietnam, Matt and I decided to go to Ninh Binh for a couple of days in the hope everything would settle down. In the past weeks there was a lot of flooding and we didn’t want to miss out on the southern part of Vietnam so it was time to be patient. It brought us to Ninh Binh, a city famous for the nearby Karst scenery around the village of Tam Coc.

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Limestones in the Bay

Halong Bay

Still thrilled about Sa Pa I stepped into the Friends Travel Vietnam office, a travel agency that helps people with all sorts of transport and tours. Since I wanted to spend a few days at Halong Bay I thought I came to the right place. And I wasn’t wrong. Within minutes I had a few options that I could consider. With the knowledge that a few guys that I met back in Vang Vieng, I decided to contact them first before making a decision.

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My second favorite place on earth

Sa Pa

While traveling you visit places that leave you speechless. I feel lucky to travel the world and come across places that I’ve never even imagined to experience. Sa Pa is one of those. Up north in Vietnam, about 6 hours away from Hanoi, there is this beautiful area that you can’t even believe is real. The mountain scenery is incredible and it feels like you’re dreaming.

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A city with a rich history


I booked a flight from Vientiane (capital of Laos) to Hanoi (capital of Vietnam) since this was way faster than traveling by bus, and the flight itself wasn’t that expensive. By coincidence two girls from The Netherlands I met in Luang Prabang, Marit and Danielle, had the exact same flight. So we met up to take a taxi to the airport together. The flight was quick and easy, just the way I like it!

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