Our time in Phong Nha was absolutely amazing! It was the perfect balance between relaxing, drinking and exploring. After a quick stop in Hue for just one night we arrived in Hoi An. This city is known for its well-preserved Ancient Town, cut through with canals. I guess everybody knows the famous pictures of the colourful lanterns during the night.
Our hostel was really nice since it had no bed bunks but regular beds, great food and a nice swimming pool. The perfect place to hang out for a couple of days! We went to a nice place with a pool and spent some time at the beach. During one night we also went to the Ancient Town with a small group to have some food and wander around. It was nice to enjoy all the colourful lights and market stands.

Hoi AnHoi AnHoi AnHoi AnHoi AnHoi AnHoi An

Since it would take us quite some time to get further to the South, we decided to take a taxi back to Da Nang. After one night, we took a plane straight to Da Lat. Sometimes, it’s just easier (and in a sense also cheaper) to fly instead of taking a bus or train. So the next story will be about our adventure in Da Lat, featuring a true feast when we arrived, abseiling and jumping off cliffs and visiting a crazy house.

Stay awesome ♥

— Simon

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