We took the night bus from Ninh Bình to Phong Nha. Luckily we got some sleep and as soon as we arrived we had an informative talk about Phong Nha and all the things we could see and explore. Immediately we decided to visit the Phong Nha cave right away.
Vietnam has a rich history and a big part was the war in 1955-1975. Situated on the Ho Chi Minh trail, the caves played a major role to the North as it was situated right on the important supply route to the South during the Vietnam War. The caves were used as a tunnel to transfer weapons, ammunition and other supplies. It was also used as a military hospital for wounded soldiers.

Phong Nha cave

We a group of people from the hostel we bought a ticket and took a boat to the cave. Once we arrived, we could see the damage on the outside of the cave. This is because in the war they tried to bomb the cave in order to destroy it so they couldn’t transport supplies anymore. As soon as we got off the boat we had to jump on another one which would take us inside the cave. It was really awesome to see how the cave was shaped!

Phong NhaPhong NhaPhong NhaPhong NhaPhong Nha

Paradise Cave

After some days of relaxation it was time to get out and explore again. Matt and I rented a scooter and decided to drive all the way to the Paradise Cave. It was quite far out from Phong Nha, but the scenery was amazing so we didn’t mind at all. Once we arrived we had to walk to the cave, which wasn’t really nice for Matt since he had a massive hangover haha! But, we arrived there safely and we went into the cave. It was huge! There was a nice wooden boardwalk all across the cave so we could walk all the way to the end without any problems.

Phong NhaPhong NhaPhong NhaPhong NhaPhong NhaPhong NhaPhong NhaPhong NhaPhong NhaPhong Nha

Crazy ducks

After the cave we drove all the way back but we wanted to visit one last thing: the famous duck stop! The road to the duck stop was bumpy and I had moments where I wondered why the hell we were doing this, but as soon as we had a beer and some peanuts in our hands I was fine again.
The ducks at the duck stop are crazy! You get inside a small area with these feathered animals and then the guy from the duck stop throws food at your feed. It’s such a crazy feeling when these ducks nibble your feet! After that we ran with a basket of food and all the ducks coming chasing you! It was so much fun and a great ending to an amazing day.

Phong NhaPhong NhaPhong NhaPhong Nha

The hostel we stayed at was super nice and after a few nights of drinking and having fun we took the bus to Huê where we only stayed one night. We then took the bus to Hoi An.

Stay awesome ♥

— Simon

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