The next stop after Hoi An was Da Lat. Since the bus ride would be extremely long we decided to buy a flight ticket and save time (unfortunately not money). I didn’t know that much about Da Lat. The only thing was that people told me to go there for canyoning. When we arrived we immediately rented a scooter to explore the town. To be fair, there wasn’t that much to do but I guess that’s where the fun starts: just to see where it takes us.

Crazy House

The first stop was at the Crazy House, as they call it. It looked like it came straight from a theme park in The Netherlands called ‘De Efteling’. The building was kinda weird and apparently it’s also a hotel. After walked (and climbed) around for a bit we decided to drive to a lake for a refreshing drink.

Da LatDa Lat

Cable Cars

We Googled on things to do in Da Lat and ended up finding a place where you can go on a cable car and have a scenic view over the town and forest. And off we went! It took us a while since the navigation played tricks on us, but eventually we managed to find it and it was a nice time to spend the day.

Da LatDa Lat

Chasing waterfalls

The next day we rented scooters again to explore the waterfalls in the area. It was a pretty far drive, but luckily the roads are quite okay in Vietnam so we didn’t experience any trouble. However, the navigation told us to drive on an off-road part which might not be the best decision we ever made. My scooter got stuck in the mud and after 20 minutes (which felt like hours) we finally managed to get on the normal road again, covered in mud and dirt. But, as with most things, the experience all made up for it. Both waterfalls were amazing and we had a day well spent.

Da LatDa LatDa LatDa LatDa LatDa Lat


And then the thing we were most looking forward to: canyoning! Although I have a fear of heights I decided to still do it. Traveling the world and experiencing all these new situations really helps to get out your comfort zone. After a short introduction and some practice on the abseiling we went to the first cliff. The adrenaline rushes through my body and when it was my turn to go, all the fear was gone. There was focus, but most importantly: I had loads of fun. Once you’ve reached the bottom you needed to let go of the rope and let yourself fall into the water: so cool! The canyoning tour also involved a lot of hiking and the nature was really nice. Towards the end there was a grand finale: jumping off a 11-meter high cliff! I wasn’t quite sure if I would do it but there had to be a way to get down. So.. I just went for it. I ran, I jumped and for just a few seconds it felt like I was flying. My stomach had a strange feeling but as soon as I hit the water I knew I was safe again. I was so pumped up that I decided to have another go, but this time from 7 meters high. It was so much fun and the whole group was pumped! A great ending of an amazing time in Da Lat!

Da LatDa LatDa Lat

Mui Ne

When it was time to leave Da Lat we took the bus to Mui Ne, a little town near the beach. We booked a hostel which had a really nice pool and a beer pong competition during the night. We had so much fun and it was really nice to relax after all the thrills in Da Lat. Unfortunately our time in Mui Ne came to an end and we took the bus to Ho Chi Minh, our last stop in Vietnam! To be fair, we didn’t really do much hear and that’s fine. But that also means I didn’t take any pictures haha.

On our last day in Ho Chi Minh before leaving to Cambodia, we said goodbye to all the Dutchies that have been traveling the same route as us through Vietnam. Meeting amazing people has been one of the highlights of my trip so far! It was great to visit Vietnam and I would recommend anyone to visit.

My next blog will be about our time in Phnom Penh, a city with a big history.

Stay awesome ♥

— Simon

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