Seeing so many things in such a short amount of time isn’t always easy. You need time to process, think and feel. Because sometimes it feels like one big rollercoaster, going from place to place. And as with most things: they happen when they need to happen. I was lucky that after our scootering and waterpark fun in Kampot, we had some time to relax and chill at the beach. Now, beach probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about Cambodia, but the islands that are an hour away by boat offer an amazing way to chill.
We first went to Sihanoukville for a night, to not rush anything. Funny thing was that we met Ole again! I’ve met Ole for the first time on the slow boat in Laos and later in Hoi An (Vietnam). It’s crazy to think that you see the same people in different countries!
Once we arrived on Koh Rong we split our ways: I went to Nest hostel and the other guys went to another one. I needed my space and time to think and reflect. There were many people on the island that I know so I could always hang out with them if I felt like it.
After a few days of chilling at the beach, it was time to do something. I went on a boat tour that was quite relaxing. We tried to catch some fishes and watched the sunrise. All in all my time on Koh Rong was a great way to recuperate from all the impressions lately. From Koh Rong I booked a bus straight to Siem Reap to meet Matt and Ole again. And, of course, visit Angkor Wat!

Koh RongKoh RongKoh RongKoh RongKoh RongKoh Rong

 Stay awesome ♥

— Simon

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